Identify development areas more quickly

Many times, couples in distress fixate on one aspect of a problem and may not even realize at first that there are deeper roots under the immediate issues. The Marriage Made Better–Accelerator uses Targeted Relationship Assessment, In-depth Relationship Analysis, and a Personalized Relationship Development Plan to identify areas of needed development more quickly and help you get the most out of your initial sessions.

Here's how it works...


Targeted Relationship Assessment

The Targeted Assessment is the first part of the Accelerator, comprised of a series of detailed questionnaires that prompt you to categorize and rate various aspects of your relationship. Some of the relationship areas targeted in the assessment include:

  1. specific issues of conflict (i.e. money, sex, parenting, in-laws, jealousy)
  2. recent life transitions (i.e. job change, new baby, death in the family)
  3. how you and your partner initially address as well as manage conflict issues
  4. how well you and your partner know each other
  5. level of fondness and admiration vs. dislike and disrespect
  6. level of affection and shared humor vs. emotional withdrawal and disinterest
  7. level of shared values, rituals and goals vs. opposing values, separate or parallel living and conflicting goals

The assessment questionnaires were created by world-renowned psychologists and marriage experts, Drs. John and Julie Gottman, who are most famous for their couples research that successfully identifies the patterns of relationship dynamics that most frequently lead to divorce.

In-depth Relationship Analysis

The In-depth Relationship Analysis offers you an overall profile of your relationship based on the written assessment and in-person meeting. We will review the results of your relationship assessment with you and provide you an outline of your relationship’s strengths as well as areas with room for improvement. We will highlight specific issues of conflict as well as potentially underlying root issues that may be influencing conflict or other aspects of your relationship.

Personalized Relationship Development Plan

The Personalized Relationship Development Plan is based upon the findings from the Relationship Analysis and provides you a road map for how we propose to help you meet your relationship goals. After going over the recommended plan, we will collaborate with you to tailor the plan as needed and then prepare to move forward to start the work of relationship repair.

What you get with the Marriage Made Better–Accelerator

  1. Targeted Relationship Assessment created by world-acclaimed marriage researchers Drs. John and Julie Gottman
  2. In-depth Relationship Analysis summarizing your relationship's strengths and areas with room for improvement
  3. Personalized Relationship Development Plan tailored to help you meet your relationship goals