Couples Counseling

Combining intervention techniques from two of the most widely-acclaimed couples counseling modalities, Emotionally-Focused Therapy (EFT) and Gottman Method Couple Therapy, couples counseling offers you and your partner personalized guidance and caring support as you work together to learn, develop and practice the skills that are most crucial for repairing your specific relationship problems and strengthening your emotional bond. Outcome research studying the effectiveness of Emotionally-Focused Therapy has found that EFT is one of the most effective types of couples counseling and that after participating in EFT, 70-75% of couples successfully move from distress to relationship recovery and approximately 90% of couples show significant improvements.

Whether you are hoping to end destructive arguing, rebuild trust after an affair, or prepare for a future marriage, couples counseling that is based on the most cutting-edge relationship research can help you and your partner learn specific techniques that have been shown to effectively help couples overcome obstacles and have satisfying and fulfilling marriages.

Couples Counseling Fees

Individual Counseling

Getting to know yourself better and discovering your own life dreams and desires is an essential component of having a lasting and satisfying relationship. Individual counseling gives you the opportunity to get an in-depth understanding of your yourself and your relationship. With the help of professional guidance and feedback, you can clarify your understanding of the unique complexities of your relationship, learn specific relationship-enhancing skills and tools, and cultivate your own personal fulfillment, joy and happiness.

Individual Counseling Fees

The Marriage Made Better–Accelerator™

The Accelerator is designed to identify areas of needed development more quickly and help you get the most out of your initial sessions.

What you get with the Marriage Made Better–Accelerator

  1. Targeted Relationship Assessment created by world-acclaimed marriage researchers Drs. John and Julie Gottman
  2. In-depth Relationship Analysis summarizing your relationship's strengths and areas with room for improvement
  3. Personalized Relationship Development Plan tailored to help you meet your relationship goals

Marriage Made Better–Accelerator™ Fees

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Convenient Counseling Options

If you live too far to come to counseling in-person in our Orange County locations, but want to participate in Marriage Made Better™ Relationship Counseling, now you can!

Online Counseling

Counseling has never been more convenient. Online counseling offers you the opportunity to receive counseling services in the comfort of your own home using live video conferencing such as Skype or Facetime. You can have your whole course of counseling conducted using online video-conferencing, or you can blend in-person appointments with remote appointments according to your schedule and preference.

Phone Counseling

Perhaps your schedule is extremely busy and phone counseling is the best way for you to be able to participate in individual counseling. Or maybe something has happened in your relationship between in-person sessions and you could use an extra session on the phone.

Note: Online and phone counseling are only available to California residents.

Online and Phone Counseling Fees

Commitment to Excellence 

I understand the complexities of marriage and appreciate that every relationship is unique, so I pride myself on providing highly personalized treatment to help you address the unique challenges in your relationship. I collaborate with you throughout the process of counseling and tailor the treatment to best help you reach your goals. I appreciate that discussing relationship challenges can be difficult and am committed to creating a comfortable environment by grounding all services in the core values of compassion, kindness and integrity.
— Carly Ketchum, MA, MA, LMFT, Founder and Owner of Marriage Made Better™